We extract value in the sustainable reuse of brownfield properties. This includes efforts to reduce the environmental impact by prioritizing repair and renovation of existing facilities over new energy-intensive developments.

We apply technology and human ingenuity to extend the life and the scope of what we have.

We grow sustainable free cash flow and distributions to shareholders over the long term through disciplined operations while staying focused on costs, driving waste out of the system and pursuing efficiencies.

We strive to be an energy company that is trusted by society, valued by shareholders and inspiring for everyone who works at Dacian Petroleum.

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we embrace change to continuously improve the efficiency of our physical processes and value creation chain

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with a vast non-producing well stock, we feel it is our duty to try our best to restore production from as many shut-in wells as possible

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we have acquired a large and diverse portfolio of assets. Some of these can be repurposed e.g. land for photovoltaic farms or depleted inactive reservoirs for CO2 sequestration

Our Company

New Ideas, Old Wells

A diverse team whose members share extensive local experience and the values of continuous improvement, innovation and a drive to succeed with a sense of urgency. We have designed a team with fit-for-purpose skillset and expertise aimed at rehabilitating old oil and gas fields.

The core of our value creation is an established process where diverse disciplines come together for a comprehensive review of historical and newly acquired data leading to discovery of opportunities, design of projects and execution. Throughout this collaborative process, we welcome and instigate unorthodox opinions and unconventional solutions.


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A cleaner-burning and efficient energy source, natural gas plays a crucial role in Romania’s energy supply. We are committed to contribute to Romania’s energy independence

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Romania is the first country in the world with officially recorded oil production in international statistics in 1857. We are proud of the local heritage that we intend to prolong and contribute to

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We have gas-to-power installed capacity and are looking to further expand this segment of our business

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As an energy provider, we seek flexibility in the sources of energy we tap into. We want to be able to supply renewable, green energy to complement our current mix

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Some of our fields are conveniently located in proximity to very large CO2 emitters and have ideal reservoir characteristics to be used in CO2 sequestration projects

About us

Operational Excellence Management System


Focus on improving our health, environment
and safety performance


Improve our focus on preventing high-consequence incidents and impacts.


Engagement of leaders, employees and contractors to build and sustain our OE culture and deliver OE performance.


Helps design, manage and assure the presence and effectiveness of safeguards.