Our mission

Our mission is to build a long-life production company for the single purpose of rehabilitating old producing properties conducive to the application of technology, both basic and advanced, within a favorable cost structure


Optimize Active Wells

Protracted suboptimal investment levels means that the production performance of is often not optimized. Functional improvement can be achieved with rigless techniques or low-risk rig intervention. Common operations involve chemical treatment to remove perforation/formation damage and wellbore clean-out to eliminate any obstructions to flow such as debris and sand.

Workover Active Wells

Production from active wells can further be improved though workover operations. Conventional workovers consist primarily of opening up (perforating) new layers or improving wellbore conditions to facilitate flow (e.g. fishing operations). Heavy workovers have an extended scope which includes more complex operations such as milling and sidetracking.

Reactivate Non-Producing Wells

With a vast inventory of more than 1,000 wells, the opportunity for incremental production is significant. Inactive wells with residual potential are identified and ranked. After wellbore status/accessibility is verified, a workover program is designed. All workovers are prioritized within the activity pipeline on the basis of a tridimensional evaluation consisting of cost/benefit, geological risk and operational complexity.

Dacian Petroleum Development Fields

with the permission of Mr. Liviu Bogdan

Our Team

Assets & People

We Acquire an Ongoing Business

Field employees are also transferred, familiar with operations hence low operational risk

Approximately 1,000 boepd

Evenly split between oil and gas provides hedge against volatility of either one

In-House Workover

Four workover units enable workover capabilities at reduced cost vs market

Very lean organization

Field to Office Ratio 10:1; outsourcing of non-core functions